Unity asset store publisher | Freelancer | Independent developer


Modelling suite

I use Blender 3D modelling suite to create my 3D models & animations, more than 6 years experience.
Also used to create normal maps for low poly versions & AO for my cartoony stuff.


Substance Painter & Designer are in heavy use to get that perfect paintjob. Experience with texturing in Photoshop, moved to painting in Blender3D to fasten Cartoony worlkflow.

Game engine

Unity5 is & has been my game engine of choice for most of my school and indie projects due to its accessibility and ease of use.
I have tested Unreal Engine 4 but it is not my strong suit yet, would love to learn.

Coding language

For the past 6 years, I have been writing and learning C# with Visual Studio mostly for videogames but I have some windows form applications in the works. Little experience of coding with Python but within the game Minecraft..not the best of experiences.