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Currently I spend my days as an indie developer working on my long-term fps, and an Android-project.I have also taken the leap and bought myself Subsance Painter and finally my models get a coating they deserve!
If you have a need for mainly a 3D modeller/animator do not hesitate to contact me for a direct request below.
Take a look at my Artstation for my renders or visit my Twitter to see what ever latest thing I am working on.

Little history...

During the fall of 2017 I attended Joutsenonopisto and their introduction to game industry courses to fill the gabs of small things I might have overlooked while learning indepently. While there I mostly had to code since in group projects I had the most experience with c#. There I also took part in the Global Game Jam for the first time, if curiosity took over you, our game was "Flue of Vengeance".

After getting my Datanomi degree I was finally able to do my mandatory military service (9 months, military photographer). Another year of independent unity projects, learning c# on my own and cruciating road to learn how to texture. I can say with pride, by now I have mastered it for hardsurfaces and painting by hand is growing on me.

While I took a 3 year vocational education in data prosessing in Finland (graduated 3 of June 2016 as a Datanomi) we had an opportunity to try game development. From there on I switched my hobby from drawing to 3d modelling & animation. For the whole time in that establishment I was modelling and learning logical thinking with such projects as writing games in excel with visual basic. I got to skip 1 course by creating an automatic sports score counter. As we got to choose extra courses I signed up to all video game related ones. We got to test few game engines, 2d engine click team fusion and unity 3D, that I fell in love with. From there on out I was hooked and made all in all 4 games on my own, 1 of which I used as my school ending demonstration of my learnt skills. I must say I felt honored as when I was presenting it, they asked if I had 3d modelling tutorials up online.

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in Discord with Xonij#9794

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