KS-23 | 3ds max model

Learning Max to widen my skillset, as this is first model I made with the software the topology is not my best. Didnt even bake from a highpoly, lowpoly with supporting edges here and there. still textured with substance & 2k textures. I shared this model absolutely free here:Sketchfab

Modern pistol design

I usually do guns that have wood in them, you know cold war times max, but I did make up this tilting bolt design for a multi caliber pistol as an exercise. Didn't take even long to make actually, 2.5 days max & was pretty fun project.

Walking sea mine concept

Played more Red alert and now I want to make an rts, maybe someday but not now.


Ageing hunter looking for raw materials with a little friend, I gave some lively animations for these cartoony pals.

UAZ 542 self propelled mortar

Played Red alert 2 & 3 for a while and wanted to design my own unit, that would be cool to have in soviet arsenal. Made the gauges in Designer but as the textures are 2k the cabin area lacks detail.
More pictures in my ArtStation page.

TKB-0136 assault rifle

Tried to change my modelling workflow with this project, really enjoyed texturing this piece although I had to make a new text substance with Designer for the details(russian letters didnt work with my first substance). More pictures in my ArtStation page. Lowpoly:8,936 verts

Stg45 model & animations

Continuing my fps project I remade this model and animated it. Minimal polycount as always. More info & pictures from my artstation page. Lowpoly:2 259 verts
Animations (Youtube video)

Xion| KH fan art

This here is my first proper finished sculpting project done in Blender3D. Wile waiting for Kingdom hearts 3 to come out I made her how I want to see in the upcoming game.Clothes are a mix of already seen Organization13 clothing & Kh3 designs we have seen by now.
Learned alot what not to do before starting posing. For example the metal zipper part of the coat is not connected by vertices on the coat itself, so weight painting more often than not left some of them separated when posing.

Cans pack OPENED- Free assets

From feedback from the first pack, I continued this free pack with this version. Get it from down below.
Unity asset store page

Bioshock scene | fan art

My first try rendering in Blender3D of all things. Everything is modelled in Blender (lowpoly) and textured in Substance Painter & Photoshop.
This project, was a blast to make, I had no idea that creating/designing an enviroment could be this fun. I drew a small picture before creating the assets & while building the scene, it was so cool that I could change things as I please (as I made a modular set of walls,bits & pieces).