Stg45 model & animations

Continuing my fps project I remade this model and animated it. Minimal polycount as always. More info & pictures from my artstation page. Lowpoly:2 259 verts
Animations (Youtube video)

Xion| KH fan art

This here is my first proper finished sculpting project done in Blender3D. Wile waiting for Kingdom hearts 3 to come out I made her how I want to see in the upcoming game.Clothes are a mix of already seen Organization13 clothing & Kh3 designs we have seen by now.
Learned alot what not to do before starting posing. For example the metal zipper part of the coat is not connected by vertices on the coat itself, so weight painting more often than not left some of them separated when posing.

Bioshock scene | fan art

My first try rendering in Blender3D of all things. Everything is modelled in Blender (lowpoly) and textured in Substance Painter & Photoshop.
This project, was a blast to make, I had no idea that creating/designing an enviroment could be this fun. I drew a small picture before creating the assets & while building the scene, it was so cool that I could change things as I please (as I made a modular set of walls,bits & pieces).

Soviet AA mech

Soviet anti air -mech for an alternative coldwar. lowpoly model with 3 animations. Model & animations done in Blender 3D, I didnt set up the legs most elegantly on this model so I had to play around a little while animating them. In youtube I have a video showing the main creation pipeline from a sketch to animation, also I am starting to get used to Substance painters interface !
Youtube breakdown

Cans pack - Free assets

As a texturing exercise I made few low poly cans with normal maps in Blender & textured them in Substance painter with few different ways. Feel free to download them from Unity asset store, for free!!
Unity asset store page

Space bomber - School project

Small modelling & animation project I was assigned to do in introductory to game industry-academy (Joutsenonopisto). We were given 2 reference pictures to model a spaceship with a little leeway to make them our own creations. Main point was the animation, which was a blast to design. Trying to fit all manner of rotating machinenary inside the small fuselage was rewarding challenge.

As it is introductory education I didnt get to play with any fancy substances, so the model has only 3 texture maps. Albedo, normal and specular. Normal was made in blender to smoothen the low poly model, more detail is in the Specular map that is made from the Albedo map(AO in albedo) and these (Albedo & Specular) were made in Photoshop. Texture size is 2048px.

Modular uaz asset

Modular uaz asset is my first proper try with texturing a 3d model for use in videogames. Modelling this set was rewarding as hell. At first I was not going to model the recoilless rifle/missile launcher "attachment" and just stop at 4 but damn, it really is a cool convertible setup, so I made it anyway.

Texture wise had to split the model to 3 material sets (main car,addons & recoilless rifle) for ease of removal also I left glossy scratches off but in hindsight it would have added more contrast to the matt paint.
Youtube trailer Unity asset store page