AdAttack - Android project

2D games are not my strong suite yet, so I decided to create a 2.5D sidescroller, with 2d renders of 3d objects animated in blender. Project includes at the moment, procedural 2d map creation, enemies & ready gameplay loop without the final polish. On the chopping block I still need to finalize storyboard cutscenes along with final art assets & audio. For coding side, reusability is a priority. In the main hub there is a path selection, that runs once at startup to create all listed story roads.
It is modular so I can create & implement more roads in the future with ease.
Check my twitter to see how this project is coming along Twitter.

Panssari (working title) - longterm PC project

Started as a vehicle combat game but after fantasizing of a perfect game bringing a huge feature creep, the project is an fps rpg as of now. Fps with rpg elements during the ww2 in the eastern front to be exact, with mechs, armored cars & prototype weapons, yes, I love dieselpunk. Coding work is also done by me, as everything is, examples for those can be found in my Youtube channel. Working on this title is slow due to the massive amount of world models I need to create. It can be considered a passion project that I will at some day finish but not any day soon. I built multiple buildings for the game world, learning the best techniques to texture large buildings with interior in unity but I have learned now that I can make them better, so I will be remodelling the buildings for the 3rd time at some point.
Check my Twitter to see how this project is going, see better renders of art assets from my ArtStation.